Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time Coding; Transcript; Feedback Analysis

The first day of 255, we were asked to do a lesson on the spot. Being caught off guard, I got nervous about the activity I should do and what to say, which is very evident in my video. I recently did a time coding sheet to look at what was going on in my lesson every ten seconds. Looking at this time coding sheet, I was efficient with my management, which was only 6.7%, and my waiting time, which was 0. Both of my instruction and activity time were even percentages, which I need to improve on. Looking back on my video I talked a lot and if I were learning the lesson, I would have been bored. I need to be more enthusiastic and make the lesson more interesting to attract the children to want to learn. After practicing these methods in class, I'm working my way to make my re-do lesson a success.

On Friday, our class did a re-do lesson of a skill, which can be seen here. For this lesson, I went back and typed up everything that I said during my lesson, which you can see on my transcript. This REALLY woke me up to how much I talk and how little I need to talk. Looking back the only cues I needed were feet together, ball over head, follow through. I made the lesson more confusing and spent too much time on my hook. My lessons are very frustrating for me to watch because I know my potential, but I make myself nervous. When a classmate is teaching, I can pinpoint everything that I would have done differently to improve, but when I'm the one teaching it's hard for me to catch. I know that teaching takes time so I need to practice more and feel more comfortable with how I'm teaching.

Feedback is very important when teaching so that the students understand what they're doing well, which motivates them and also what they're doing wrong so it can be corrected. On my Feedback Analysis Form, it shows the comments I made to students during my lesson. I made comments to Steph and Gino that were both skill related. I also had Steph and Alex demonstrate, which I think I did because I know them the best out of the whole group. In the my video, I also made a comment to another student, but what I said is unclear. In my next lesson I'm going to make sure I give back a lot more feedback to the students.

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