Thursday, February 25, 2010

During my lab B1, I taught a jump rope skill called the straddle cross. It was a challenge to teach a jump rope skill because jump roping is not a regular or basic sport.
My time coding results varied from my results last lab. My management time increased a lot because of the way I organized the students. To improve on that, I'
ll do something next time such as make it a game or count down to get the students set in position faster. I had no waiting time in my lesson, which is a good quality that I seem to portray in every lesson. One thing I wanted to improve on from my last lab was the amount of feedback I gave during the students' activity time. This feedback can be seen on my feedback analysis form. Looking back at my video, I gave feedback to five students, four out
0f the five of which were congruent and relating to the tasks and cues that I taught them. Looking at my transcript I did a lot more talking than it felt li
ke. When I'm in front of the group I tend to blabber on and I don't realize what I'm actually saying. I did improve with my simpler cues, but I still think I spent too much time talking as well as a little too repetitive. I also noticed that I have a tendency of saying "There ya go" when helping a student with a skill. I'm not sure if that's a habit I should try and break, but it did come up a lot.

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