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Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hipping and Hopping into Lab D!

When I first found out I would be teaching hip hop, break dancing or "popping, locking, and dropping" for lab D, I was very nervous. I don't have much of a dance background and a lot of what I was doing was based on how I had seen dance taught in Rhythms and Dance.

Looking back to Lab A, I just laugh because I don't even feel like the same person anymore. Although I've only learned a semesters worth of work, I feel like it was the most important information I learn as a teacher. I saw such a dramatic change in my teaching abilities and my structure. My voice is another thing that has changed and has at least doubled in volume.

Looking at my lesson plan, my method of teaching hip hop was to teach a basic, attainable, yet challenging hip hop dance in a short period of time. The dance that I taught I choreographed myself based on online resources and previous experiences. The one part of my lesson that I was really proud of was my instant activity. The idea came to me riding on the bus one day after class. My instant activity consisted of square foam pads with each of the numbers 1,2,3 and 4 on each of the pads that were spread out across the dance room. The student would proceed to grab an index card from the center of the room go back to any spot on the floor. Each card had a sequence that the student had to perform (such as 3,4,1,3,2,1,3) with their feet. After the sequence was over, the student would do the locomotor skill stated on the card while going back to the pile to pick up another card. I think this was a great intro into dancing and stepping and everyone really seemed to enjoy it.

My C9 form was definitely a big part of my lesson. This was the first lesson that I really studied everything on the form and tried to incorporate everything into my lesson. My only weakness was that I forgot my intratask variation. I think I had an issue with this because I wasn't sure how to make the task easier or harder with out changing what I was teaching the students in the routine. After talking with Dr. Yang I understood that I could have done something such as having two students try to coordinate their dance together.

Looking at my time coding form, the amount of activity time I had this lesson was definitely my strong suit. I had more management time then I would have liked to have, but it was due to technology issues, which would have been eliminated with a little more preparation. My instruction was 1% over what it should be because I found myself talking in between every dance segment. To improve this, I need to try talking more while the students are still moving instead of constantly making them stop, go, stop, go.

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