Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Turkeys Trot into St. Mary's for Thanksgiving

Our fifth lab at St. Mary's was a fun Thanksgiving theme! It was a good day for me because I got to interact with students that I never had before. I got to shoot a ball with a boy in third grade and teach him how to shoot a one-handed shot. He didn't know that he was able to complete the task, but with a little guidance he was making all of his shots in! Along with basketball, I played jump rope for a long time. The girls taught me a lot of the jump roping songs that I had never heard before. They also knew how to do things such as double dutch and move different ways between the rope, I was impressed! At the end of the lab, my group did the song "The Turkey Dance", which was a spoof off of the chicken dance. The kids loved doing this song because they knew the actions and it was familiar to them. The hardest part of this lab for me was trying to find out how to incorporate a Thanksgiving theme into my attire. I took a head band and stapled some feathers to the top and wrapped a scarf around my hips. The kids are so entertained no matter what you do as long as you show that you put forth some effort! Some of the girls took my head band and wanted to wear it themselves!

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