Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Speed Stacks Stack Up A Crowd at Mini-Conference

I attended two of the seminars during the APEM mini-conference on Friday. I attended speed stacks (seen above) and also a tennis seminar. Speed stacks really struck my interest because I never really thought of this as being a sport. After receiving my own cup set and trying to stack these cups repetitively, I can now see why it is considered a sport.
I actually broke a sweat! This fad is growing around the world and children as young as four and five are getting involved in this activity. The first picture above is a snapshot of the cups I received for going to the seminar.

They are official speed stacking cups, which online range in price starting at $15! It was neat to know that more and more schools are incorporating this program into their curriculum. Tournaments are having huge outcomes and the sport is growing before our eyes. We did many basic activities to help get the gist of the basic skills needed for this stacking sport. We started off small and increased up to ten cups.The instructor gave us neat tips to keep kids attention such as "one two three eyes on me" and the students must reply "one two i see you". She also gave everyone a clothes pin to put on their shirt, and whoever was being a "wallflower" got their pin taken away. This is a good way to make sure everyone is engaged and ready to learn!

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  1. The SUNY Cortland Mini Conference is a great experience. We see plenty of different workshops and activities. I'm glad you were able to attend and that you enjoyed the speed stacking. This sport is on the rise and it had to be interesting to see an internationally ranked person teach it to you. I remember playing with them when I was little and not realizing how global they were!

    If you enjoyed this, then I strongly recommend going to the NYS APHERD Conference in November. It's definately worth it!